S.A. Griffin
S.A. Griffin lives, loves and works in Los Angeles. Editor, The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry (Firecracker Award), Mr. Griffin has been appeared in many poetry zines and anthologies including Wide Awake: Poets of Los Angeles and Beyond edited by Suzanne Lummis (Pacific Coast Poetry Series, 2015) and the upcoming Cross-Strokes (Otis Books/Seismicity Editions) edited by Paul Vangelisti, Neeli Cherkovski and Bill Mohr. In 2014 he released his newest collection of poetry Dreams Gone Mad With Hope on Punk Hostage Press. Since 1985 he has been touring extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada with poetry performance super groups The Lost Tribe, White Trash Apocalypse and The Carma Bums. From April-June of 2010 he toured the United States with Elsie The Poetry Bomb in an effort to foster civil disagreements. Named Best Performance Poet for The LA Weekly by Wanda Coleman, in 2011 he was honored to be the first recipient of Beyond Baroque's Distinguished Service Award. On his blog talk radio show Onword he has had the real honor and privilege to interview many world-class poets and writers including three time Poet Laureate of the United States Robert Pinsky, beat poet and writer Hettie Jones and Elizabeth Hun Schmidt, editor Poet Laureates of The United States. In 2014 he edited and published Michael Lane Bruner's Natural Geographics (Rose of Sharon Press) and most recently had the privilege to edit Scott Wannberg's newest book The Official Language of Yes (Perceval Press, 2015). Father, husband and Vietnam era vet; he is owned by two beautiful cats.

A Hollywood Story

strange, but true, angels find you

standing in line waiting to take your

last few dollars out of the bank


when the rent’s due and there’s

nothing in the cupboard

but a crumb


or when you turn just so

and somebody is there with

the right kind of eyes to catch

your falling star inside

their wonder


then the light breaks thru

and the messenger dove

arrives with the news


long live the song of yourself

that knows the pilgrim child


that knows your dream


the one that you

rode in on


never know where

you are going and you will

always get there


bet on it

and ride

from Dreams Gone Mad With Hope (Punk Hostage Press, 2015)

 2015 S.A. Griffin
S.A. Griffin was a Feature at the November 2015 Second Sunday Poetry Series