Rolland Vasin
A third-generation American writer, Rolland Vasin (pen name Vachine) is published in the journals Open Minds Quarterly, Gnome, and Found and Lost, was honored as a Newer Poet by the Los Angeles Library Foundation's Aloud Series and is an active open-mic-reader at venues from Cambridge, Massachusetts to Big Sur, California.  He has featured at Los Angeles’ World Stage, The Rapp Saloon, and Cobalt Cafe, among others, and dabbles in improvisational theater and stand-up comedy for which he was recognized as the Laugh Factory’s 1992  3rd Funniest CPA in Los Angeles.  As a day job, Rolland's CPA corporation audits youth and family charities. 


You ignited my well-fire.
Endless feed to burn,
I torched the night sky.
Popped off my top hat, we
shag danced in the Devil's
slippers.  Conflagration reigned.

Sirens beckoned toward molten coals.
We burned bedposts, asphalt off roads,
all the bridges to eternity.

Belladonna recaptured your body.
With as little as a changed mind,
you top-killed my well head.

Blaze out, feed plugged, like a self-cleaning
oven, all that's left was a little pile of gray ash
from our drippy messes.

A bottomless pit for more arson, I'm blind
to consequence, my hands crawl low arroyos,
strike iron rocks for latent sparks.

2013 Vachine
Roland Vasin - pen name Vachine - was a Featured Poet who read his poetry at the March 2013 Second Sunday Poetry Series