Mary Torregrossa
    A graduate of Rhode Island College and resident of Baldwin Park, Mary describes herself thus: “I'm an ESL teacher, I'm dedicated to my family, I write poetry and like all things poetry. I like all kinds of art, galleries and museums. I'm active in my progressive Episcopal church and interested in other religions. I am rarely bored. I enjoy being with my family above all else. I like being in nature, I like vegetable gardens even though I don't have one. I like cooking and going to restaurants. I am a science junkie.” Homespun, delicate, sweet, humorous, self-effacing—these are some of the words I’d use to describe her poetry. She was active in the San Gabriel Valley scene for many years before pulling back and deciding to devote herself more to writing. I hope she has succeeded in doing this, because the San Gabriel Valley has too much prose, needs more poetry, needs more lines like “God grabs the river with two hands” and “this amber signature of tea.” This valley, in short, works too hard, and needs to get in nature more, with Mary as a guide—for enlightenment and rejuvenation:  two good things I know she will supply us with today in abundance.

The Intimacy of Rain

I gaze
the front
a very
long time,
the wet street,
and rivulets
of rain
old panes.

I amaze
at silver
that ping
the glass,
gray sky.

I see
green trees,
brown trunks
by the rain,

like Mrs. Dyer does
to her blue umbrella
on the wide porch
across the way
before going in,
out of the rain.

2012 Mary Torregrossa
Mary Torregrossa was a Featured Poet who read her poetry at the July 2012 Second Sunday Poetry Series