Judy Kronenfeld
    Judy Kronenfeld is a poet, a more occasional writer of fiction and creative nonfiction, a retired teacher of Creative Writing and English (Lecturer Emerita, Creative Writing Department, University of California, Riverside), and an Associate Editor of the online poetry magazine, Poemeleon. Her third collection of poetry, Shimmer, will be published by WordTech Editions in January, 2012.

    Sandra Gilbert has written, “Judy Kronenfeld’s Shimmer radiates a fierce clarity of vision: the glow of the title is fed by intensities of memory and desire, love and rage. I’m deeply moved by these powerfully voiced poems that oscillate between evocations of an earlier world—the ‘crumbling Bronx,’ the ‘white noise’ of the city—and the new realm of age, loss, and reconciliation to which we all must come.”
The Room

The window frames the crowns of distant trees,
white sky, roofs, a few wavering
branches of Japanese plum

The window’s scene floats,
a shining rectangle of light
on the double-paned glass
of the door, the blinds within closed

There are spectacles loosely folded
on the desk, their framed lenses
multiplying phantoms of themselves
on blank paper under a lamp

A woman sits alone and still
in the print on the wall,
her gaze lowered, but not to the cup
whose handle her ungloved fingers wrap

The window frames the crowns of trees, white sky
The window’s scene floats
A woman sits alone and still, all lenses
Seem opaque as mirrors.

first published in  Adanna, Issue No. 1, 2011  

2012 Judy Kronenfeld
Judy Kronenfeld was a Featured Poet who read her poetry at the March 2012 Second Sunday Poetry Series