Jeffrey Rochlin
Jeffrey Rochlin is a Poet, Speech Writer, Lyricist Spoken Word Artist  and a Vietnam Era Veteran.  He served as a Medic Specialist 4th Class U.S. Army Emergency Room Tech and is an active member of the Veterans Administration.  He is a member of ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers). His Published Songs include: “BLOOD IN THE CITY” on CD TITLED “UNSUNG” for SHATTERED MUSIC; 
88 KEYS on CD “A BETTER PLACE by New Orleans Piano Player Jeff Naideau (Nay-dough)  recorded in New Orleans with Tom McDermott on piano.  He also wrote and produced a CD with his band N’DANGERED SPECIES
Entitled:  “ON THE ROAD TO CAMP FREEDOM” Recorded at Keith Lynch Studio, El Segundo, Calif.  Jeffrey is a member of Artist Salon worked with downtown city council to develop downtown artist’s community.  He hosts readings at Stories Book Store in Echo Park and various venues around the city.  He is a Guest Host at 100,000 Thousand Poets for Change at Beyond Baroque and the Director of Valley Contemporary Poets for the past 5 years.  Jeffrey works with Richard Modiano doing promotions and volunteer work at Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center in Venice California.


I go to the corner of Sunset & Alvarado
Face east into Echo Park and yell,
Jeffrey Alan Rochlin Poet!
If I do not hear my voice
echo back I will not give up
Stories Bookstore windows please
reflect my impressionist portraitures
into the windswept shadows of a city                   
where my screams will live or die
amidst the sweetness of Taco Truck exhaust
and the Blood of Guadalupe’s Salsa
Jeffrey Alan Rochlin Poet!
Jeffrey Alan Rochlin Poet!


Traffic emerges from the birth canal
merges onto a fork in the road
this way to salvation
that way to damnation

sojourners are backed up
from the junction at the toll booth of fate
on the crossroads of eternity
estimated arrival is a lifetime

2013 Jeffrey Rochlin
Jeffrey Rochlin was a Featured Poet who read his poetry at the September 2013 Second Sunday Poetry Series