Don Kingfisher Campbell
     Don Kingfisher Campbell is a huge Rabelaisian presence in the LA and especially the Pasadena poetry scene, as is evidenced in this excerpt from his bio:
     DON KINGFISHER CAMPBELL, listed on Poets and Writers, is the founder of  Poetry People youth writing workshops; publisher of the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly; leader of the Emerging Urban Poets writing and Deep Critique workshops; host of Saturday Afternoon Poetry in Pasadena, California and co-host of the Pasadena cable TV program Spending A Little Time With Poetry. Mr. Campbell has taught Creative Writing in the Upward Bound program at Occidental College and been a Guest Teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District for 26 years. Don is the recipient of a 1st Honorable Mention in the 2008 Grandmother Earth poetry contest, an Honorable Mention in the League Of Laboring Poets March 2007 contest, the National Writers Association's Los Angeles Chapter Author Of The Month Certificate, the Artists For A Better World Spirit Of Youth Award, an Honorable Mention in the 9/11 poetry contest, the Pennsylvania State Poetry Society's Charles Ferguson Prize, and an Arroyo Arts Collective's Poetry In The Windows Prize. Kingfisher's poetry has been recently published in the anthologies Interrobang?!, Sage Trail, Undetectable, Phantom Seed, Vox Journal, Behold The Pirate Pig, Hudson View Poetry Digest, Mudpuppy, Looking Out Of Pasadena, Prism Review, Looking Out Of Alhambra, Free-Wheeling, Prism Quarterly, Open Windows, Poetry and Cookies, Dirt, Cosmic Brownies,
Midnight Mind, So Luminous The Wildflowers...
     Like Brenda Petrakos and Nita Donovan, our other featured poets today, Don is an artist with a great big heart who also relishes commenting on the foibles of Southern California humanity circa 2010.  Though often his poems have a message, just as often they are as fun and easy to take as a high-fat, high-fructose dessert. Nothing is off limits, no one is spared in Don's robust, luxuriant, maximalist universe, which we enter today.


eyes open
slide out of bed
shuffle to the bathroom
like The Mummy
can barely see

shower, dress
throw on a jacket
hop in car
like Robert Mitchum
flying to his Angel Face

a woman
Out Of The Past
looking as lovely
as ever as if
Jane Greer still lives

ride together
to the beach, stroll
stop to gaze at littered shore
like Charleton Heston and his mate
on The Planet Of The Apes


You could call me
a dork but
that would mean
I have a whale's penis

If I called you
a reindeer would
you like to
eat my banana

I could satisfy you
like a giraffe
if I had a
21 inch tongue

I could make you
orgasm like a pig
if you have an extra
30 minutes to spare

If we use contraceptives
like they did in Ancient Egypt
we'd have to wait for
a crocodile to poop

If you don't want me
I'll wish I were a polar bear
so I can hide by covering
my nose with my paws

2010 Don Kingfisher Campbell
Don Kingfisher Campbell was a Featured Poet who read his poetry at the July 2010 Second Sunday Poetry Series