C. Steven Blue
C. Steven Blue grew up in Pasadena and Hollywood, California (a graduate of Hollywood High School). He paid his dues (to sing the blues) on the streets of the 1960s. Much of his writing is influenced by those sensibilities; when peace, love and brotherhood were normal, everyday topics of discourse. He has hosted readings and open mics in both California and Oregon.

He now pursues his lifetime calling as a lyrical/performance poet in Eugene, Oregon, where he hosts many local poetry events, including the Eugene Public Library's Summer Reading Series Poetry Workshop & Poetry Showcase, as well as the Eugene Poetry Open Mic. He is the Publisher/Managing Editor of Arrowcloud Press and the current Editor of Cascadia, the Oregon Poetry Association student award anthology. Steven has four published books of his own and a blog on his website.

Freak Doubt

Artificial frameworks
Of anti-wisdom stimulants
Are gone from me now.
Don’t want no more
Artificial brain drain
Freak doubt!


Lemons on the tree
that cause no one to pucker
sit rotting in the rain
on stormy Sunday.
Well worn flip flops
still carry your tired feet
as you move slowly through
your no one to speak to world.
Vague, infrequent memories
of making love, you would
rather just be touched
in all the aching places;
much kinder... and safer
than the risk of another
breaking heart, long worn
like a thick terry robe
but without the comfort or warmth
or the ability to soak up
the wetness
of your lonely tears.

 2014 C. Steven Blue
C. Steven Blue was a Featured Poet who read his poetry at the January 2014 Second Sunday Poetry Series