Patricia Murphy
Patricia Murphy was born into an entertainment family in North Hollywood, California. 

The native Angeleno started acting, singing and dancing in her childhood.  She put on shows for her family with her sister, Shirley. 

Writing poetry was something that came naturally to her a little later on in her teens. 

Verse appeals to the Burbank Boulevard Elementary School, Walter Reed Junior High School and North Hollywood High School graduate because it is her own words and language. 

The SAG/AFTRA member has featured her poetry at Unbuckled: NoHo Poetry and
Writer Wednesdays at Bob's Expresso Bar in the North Hollywood Arts District. 

Her work has appeared in the literary journal Spectrum and her North Hollywood
High School yearbook. 

Ms. Murphy's work as an actress has inclucded the films: "That Thing You Do," directed by Tom Hanks; "One Fine Day" with George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer; "The Truth About Cats and Dogs"; "Mr. Woodcock" with Billy Bob Thornton and Susan Sarandon; and "Selena" with Jennifer Lopez. 

Ms. Murphy was also the inspiration and designer of "Sidewalks And Streetcorners" her fiancee Radomir Luza's thirteeth book (twenty-sixth collection of poetry).


Love is in the air. 
Love of Life. 
Love of people. 
Love of art. 
Love of religion. 
Love to be loved. 

Once loved, twice snubbed. 

Love of movies, theatre, song and dance. 
Love to travel to faraway places. 

To be with the one you love
is the greatest gift of all.

To find true love is marvelous. 

Love always wins. 

To be at peace is to love. 
Man cannot exist without love. 

Love to love you baby. 
Love is not a sin. 

To begin again is delightful. 
To see the light is insightful. 
To show up is reliable. 

Love is a fantasy. 
Love is all we have.
Love is forever. 
Love is being together. 
Love is wonderful. 
Love is exotic

 2019 Patricia Murphy
Patricia Murphy was a Featured Poet at the April 2019 Second Sunday Poetry Series