Readings From Nine Poets Who’ve Left Us

Richard Beban - Nita Donovan – Bob Foster – John Harris – Wanda Smith – Mary Trautmann – Doug Knott – Gail Gauldin Moore – Linda Albertano

Since this series began in 2009, nine poets who’ve read here have passed away, and today we take time to remember them. All lived long lives and all left us too soon. Some read at the Café Alibi in Pasadena, while others read at the historic Studio Theatre at St. Denis Building. As we say good-bye to winter and greet the springtime, let’s reflect on all the talent that has appeared with us at the microphone and in books, and still exists among us here, and in some far corners of the universe.

The Voyage

Li Po folded his poems into paper boats,
set them out upon the river, uncertain
they, he, or the world would survive.

He knew the river merged with something
grander, but that was itself a beginning,
not a destination at all. By the time the poems
arrived, the ink had leached from the sodden
paper, pictographs became dark eddies,
whirlpools into which meaning was sucked

& drowned. The once-words spread like
shadows over the gathered water, broke into
waves & set out for distant lands.

-Richard Beban

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Readings From Nine Poets Who’ve Left Us - Featured Poets at the March 2023 Second Sunday Poetry Series