Gail Gauldin Moore
Gail Gauldin Moore is a Los Angeles-based poet and author of Nancy of the Silences. She has two other poetry books, Poems on the Half Shell and Postcard Poems, She has a master's degree in Education, Ed Psych and counseling. “Moore experiences the world through her five senses, moment by moment, so that the reader is pulled—gently, precisely, and absolutely—into her space” (Marjorie Power). Her newest book is Daughter of the Rain (Deerbrook Editions, 2019).


I write about ramifications:
a lost work of art, islands.

I don’t care about the Gypsy Moth
who seems to have no calling.

I write about bones
which are unbearable by themselves.

A cricket is singing somewhere.
His singing is strong, then weak.

His trouble is unexplainable.

 2020 Gail Gauldin Moore
Gail Gauldin Moore was a Featured Poet at the January 2020 Second Sunday Poetry Series