Art by Erica A. Marshall
Erica  A. Marshall grew up in Southern California, enjoying its open countryside and relaxing lifestyle. Her mother is also a fine artist, and Erica has learned much from her, beginning with watercolors and advancing to gouache. While in high school, she won a scholarship to study at OTIS with Charles White. Today Erica specializes in oils. 

Her eclectic style reflects the range of training she has received from local masters like Fred Fixler, Shawn Cheetham, and Joseph Todorovitch. Currently she is being mentored by Sally Strand.

Erica loves working with children: inspiring them while completing art projects during a special summer program, guiding them in discovering their own artistic skills in public school programs, and firing their ceramic projects at a local school.

Erica is fascinated by the stories and experiences that form our lives, focusing on the preciousness of life. Her love for children is now being translated into a series of pieces related to the experience of Japanese children drawn into in the internment process during World War Two... all through the eyes of a child.

 2017 Art by Erica A. Marshall
Art by Erica A. Marshall was a Featured Poet at the November 2017 Second Sunday Poetry Series